Our Story

Long Ireland began a little differently than most businesses. Two friends, Greg Martin and Dan Burke, got the crazy idea to go out and start a business because they wanted to do something they truly enjoyed: DRINK BEER!

… Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that.

A few years back while Greg was laid up on crutches, he was contemplating his career choices. Ready for a change, he started thinking about what he could do that he really enjoyed.

“I started thinking it would be cool to start a brewery, so I began to investigate. Then it happened: I was given  a homebrew kit for Christmas. I was totally excited and I couldn’t wait to make my first brew. It came out horrible — but I drank it anyway. I was hooked. I began trying new recipes and tried to improve the process.”

Fast-forward about a year, and Greg had developed his brewing skills quite a bit. At one point he was talking to his friend and co-worker, Dan, who said he’d like to try brewing together the next time Greg was going to brew a batch.

“We bought some better equipment and brewed our first beer together; we made two cases of beer, and drank one case making it. NOT GOOD! Dan is production-minded — his motto is bigger is better. So while we continued to brew two cases each time, Dan began to “increase productivity.