I’m local; do you offer tours of the brewery?

Absolutely! Call us up: (631) 403-4303.

Where can I try your beer?

There’s a few options. You can check out our list of distributors to find one near you — we’re currently sold at a few hundred places, mostly on Long Island. We’re still only distributing within New York state, but we now serve the 5 boroughs as well as Dutchess, Ulster, Green, Rockland, Orange, Westchester and Putnam counties.

Even better: if you’re ever in or near Riverhead, stop by the brewery tasting room, we are open 7 days a week. Our hours are listed here. Nothing beats beer from the source! We’re also on tap at different special events, parties and venues throughout the year — we announce these on our Facebook and events page, so keep your ear to the ground.

What’s up with that name?

Greg came up with the name one morning while trying to shower away a horrific hangover. It wasn’t a serious idea at first, but Dan liked it “because you almost have to say it twice.”

We are both of Irish descent, and the traditional Irish ale-inspired Celtic Ale was our first product. And, of course, we’re located on Long Island. (We also sponsor a bagpipe band that practices at the brewery every other Saturday.)

What’s the story behind the Celtic Ale?

It’s the first beer we ever released, and still one of our favorites. It’s not like the Irish reds you may be familiar with — it’s much maltier and with a lower carbonation. We must have homebrewed it 60 or 70 times in our garage in the early days. It’s become our flagship beer, and we still love it — a lot.

Do you use preservatives and/or pasteurization?

No! We don’t use preservatives and we don’t pasteurize our beer. Hops and alcohol themselves act as natural preservatives, but we add no artificial preservatives (like the sulfites that are common with macro beers). Our beers contain only hops, malted grains, yeast, water, and all-natural flavors and spices.

This commitment to quality is something we will not compromise on, ever. But be aware that not using preservatives means our beers have a shelf life of about 120 days.

I’m a distributor and I’d like to sell Long Ireland beer — who do I talk to?

Drop us a line: greg@longirelandbrewing.com.